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We are the Lim Karate Family

Under the direction of Papa George Lim, with schools in Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, and Germany, we honor past & present Masters of the Hawaiian martial arts with a martial arts family that circles the globe. Through our teaching we are able to encourage our students to stretch their limits, build their confidence, and make their dreams a reality. To us, martial arts is more than a way to defend oneself. It is our life & passion.

Imagine being in beautiful Hawaii, interacting with living legends, connecting with the goddess Pele on a real volcano, and enjoying a beach luau; all while experiencing the mana or “life force” of the islands.

Hawaii Kenpo is an original martial art, believed to be hundreds of years old, considered to be one of the most direct links to ancient wisdom due to the remoteness of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Keikis Corner

We love our Keikis dearly, and of course love to show off their accomplishments!

Papa George Lim

Papa George Lim

Born in Yokohama, Japan and trained in Hawaii, Papa George Lim has been exposed to the best. With over 40 years of martial arts…Read More

Lim Family Martial Arts
Patrice Lim

Patrice Lim


Began her training in Hawaii Kenpo in 1983 under Papa George Lim. Promoted to black belt in 1991 by ‘Chief’ Al Tejero…Read More

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In Ohana there is strength. – Sijo Emperado