Keikis Corner

Eleanor Jaye Sulich and Elly

Eleanor Jaye Sulich and Elly

Date of Birth: (she doesn’t know) 5/9
Place of Birth: in the hospital!
Favorite Food: strawberries
Favorite Color: purple
Wants to Be: I want to be a person like you guys and stay here with you guys
Favorite Music/Group: Bang Your Head -Quiet Riot
Favorite Movie: Frozen 2
Hobbies/Sports: Playing around and going coocoo!
What She Loves About Karate: My instructors
Recent Accomplishment: getting 1st & 2nd place in the tournament

Mackenzie Jade

Mackenzie Jade Lamey

Date of Birth: April 29
Place of Birth: Mesa, Arizona
Favorite Food: Chicken Pot Pie
Favorite Color: Green/Blue
Wants to Be: A Veterinarian in the zoo
Favorite Music/Group: Contemporary/Christian/Jamie Grace
Favorite Movie: Inside Out
Hobbies/Sports: Playing Piano/Karate
What She Loves About Karate: “I love helping the younger kids in karate”
Recent Accomplishment: Performed in her first Piano Recital

Mason Edward Johnson

Mason Johnson started training with our Lim Karate family at 3 years old. We used to call him “our little Ricky Schroder.” With a natural physical ability, Mason loved to train, spar, and compete in tournaments.

May 22, 2014 will see Mason graduating from high school and heading off to Stetson University (Florida) on a Football Team Academic Scholarship. Mason plans to Major in Business or Law.

It is always bittersweet to see our students spread their wings and fly but we will always be watching over Mason Johnson with a great sense of pride.