Lineage of Lim Kenpo

Sijo Adriano Emperado

Sijo Adriano Emperado

On a summer day in 1926, a little baby boy was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, by the name of Adriano Directo Emperado. No one could have predicted what a tremendous journey his life would take him on.

Sijo had a humble upbringing, trained in various martial arts, worked in law enforcement, served as body guard to the Governor of Hawaii, and traveled around the world. He, along with four other gentlemen, created a system of self defense like no other; a system that earned a much feared & respected reputation worldwide.

Professor Marino Tiwanak

Professor Marino Tiwanak

Formerly a professional world class boxer, Professor Tiwanak held the 1944 AAU Boxing title & fought Dado Marino for the World Boxing Council Championship title. He began his training in Kenpo in 1947 and became Sijo Emperado’s first black belt.

Tiwanak founded the CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Brotherhood Club of Hawaii, which has gained the reputation of having one of the strongest `Ohanas and training methods in the world.

George Lim was promoted to Black Belt by Professor Marino Tiwanak.

Grandmaster Allen Abad

Allen Abad

Began his training in Hawaii at the age of nine. Captivating surfer, talented musician, exceptional golfer, father to five gorgeous daughters (all black belts), this gentleman with a wonderfully positive spirit was once described by someone who had witnessed him do self defense-they said he moves like “liquid fire.” George Lim received his advanced training and promotion to ‘Sigung’ from Grandmaster Allen Abad.

'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu

Solomon Kaihewalu

Born December 2, 1935 in the Palama Set-tlement of Oahu, Hawai’i. At age 3 he began training with his father in the Kaihewalu family art of Hawaiian Lua. After studying for approximately 10 years, he began assisting his father instructing the Lua to the Kaihewalu family bloodline. From 1955 to present day, Olohe Kaihewalu has and still continues to train and teach his family art of Kaihewalu Lua to martial artists worldwide. After the passing of George Lim’s father, Olohe shared with him that he would be his ‘Papa.’

dai shihan ted tabura

Dai Shihan
Ted Tabura

Born and raised in Hawaii, Dai Shihan Tabura has an infectious zest for life. Dubbed “The Sickle Man” by Sijo Emperado for his mastery in the use of the kama. He has been featured in movies, highlighted in magazines and competed in tournaments around the world. Patrice Lim considers one of her greatest blessings to be able to study the katana under the tutelage of Dai Shihan Ted Tabura.